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Ombre Brow Beginner Course

Class Deposit



7 Days

Course Summary                                                                            

Required: Prior to enrolling in this course, fully read the Ombre Brow Beginner Course Overview, read these important Student FAQ's, and complete this Student Pre-Enrollment Form

This 100+ hour course is a comprehensive & immersive training program; fit for novice or experienced professionals who are prepared to learn the theoretical & practical knowledge needed to successfully navigate their brow business. It consists of in depth theoretical study & hands on model practical. Training topics covered:

Introduction to Permanent Cosmetics

Safe Practices for the PMU Artist

Introduction to PMU Brow Techniques

Machine & Manual Device Theory

Introduction to Needle Theory

Intro to Color Theory & Ink Theory

Anatomy of Skin & Identifying Undertones

Pigment Selection,The Healing & Long Term Care

Intro to Facial Morphology & Asymmetry

Brow Mapping

Anesthesia 101

Business 101

As part of the training curriculum and to best prepare, students will be required to complete six brow models under trainer supervision. Three of those models are included in the tuition, with the remaining 3 models counting as part of a separately paid student practical program - the cost for each trainer supervised practical session is $400, visit the Student Practical Program page for additional information.

The 7 day course tuition is $3800. In order to secure your seat in this Beginner Course, a $1500 Non-Refundable, Non-Transferable deposit is required, and the remaining balance of $2300, is due the first day of class. Payments may be made in full prior, if students prefer.


Your Instructor,


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