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Microblading vs. Microshading

Updated: May 7, 2020

Both Microblading & Microshading fall under the umbrella of "Cosmetic Tattooing". Using different tools and artistic techniques we implant pigment into the upper dermal layer, thus allowing it to last and not quickly or easily exfoliate. The pigment will never 100% fade away, however it does fade, soften and shrink overtime. Microblading gives the illusion of actual hairstrokes, while Microshading offers more definition with a soft powdery effect.

Which lasts longer ?

Microshading for the most part lasts longer when compared to Microblading. Color retention of microbladed strokes varies from client to client. Microblading can last (or be visible as a hairstroke) anywhere between 6 months and longer, it all depends on how well skilled the artist was and how the clients skin has been able to retain the pigment. Microshading can last anywhere between 1.5 - 4 years.

Which is better: Microblading or Microshading ?

It really depends on the clients current brow, skin condition & the goal they're trying to reach. Overall Microshading offers better definition (which a lot of women seek), better lasting power, and lastly its less invasive when compared to Microblading. Your artist can help you decide which technique suits you best.

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