Are You Ready to Shape, Define, and Enhance Your Brows?

The Booking Process

The booking process is seamless, informative, & straight to the point. An in person consultation is required prior to booking for any procedure. In rare cases for clients not local; an in depth phone consult and photo exchange is permitted – provided all is well, we can move forward with booking. Click below to submit a Consultation Request.
We do specialize in brow corrections and cover-up services; however an in-person consultation is required, to evaluate the brows. Note: I’m very selective with whom is taken with prior work done. Expectations must be realistic. In some cases, my hands are tied, and my artistic ability can only reach but so far. Click here to see brow correction photos.
Click here for a detailed list of client conditions/medications which prohibit eligibility.

The Consultation

Prior to booking your first session, a free 30-minute consult is scheduled. At the consult we discuss:
– Health & Medical Concerns (if any)
– Pre & Post Care Instructions
– Live Brow Demo
– Questions/Concerns
– Schedule Appointment (A $150.00 non-refundable deposit fee is required to book your desired date – once paid, it is applied towards the service total)

The Initial Appointment

Finally the day has arrived!! Your first appointment typically lasts 2 hours; start to finish. At the initial appointment we:
– Complete Necessary Forms
– Review After Care Instructions
– A Numbing Cream Is Applied
– Pre-Design Brows
– Transformation Begins

The Touchup

Touchup appointments are extremely important; they are typically scheduled 2-3 months after your first session. It is normal and customary to require a touch-up. On rare occasions some individuals heal exceptionally and retain pigment very well; with those cases a touch-up may not be necessary. The artist makes that determination.

The touch-up session allows us even out any areas, that may have lightened up during the healing process, in addition darkening and/or adjusting the color as needed.

Your brows but better. . . Now lets work together

Are you tired of the brow struggle. . .Not too good with makeup & just want to wake up with less to do ?
Click here, lets meet for a complimentary consult!!
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