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State Regulations

Most states or municipalities have regulations, laws, health/licensing boards, bylaws in place to dictate and regulate the opening, registration, and operation of most beauty & tattooing facilities. No matter which entity is in charge of this process, it is crucial all aspiring students research what their home state and local authorities require when interested in opening their respective studio/clinic.
As a starting point you may visit here or here, to jump start your search. Keep in mind this is a starting point and reference guide only. Due to the constant regulatory changes and frequent updates – the information may not be up to date & accurate; and the academy is not responsible for informing or interpreting relevant state statutes.

NJ State Regulation

Please Read Carefully
In the state of New Jersey, in order to start/open, own, and operate a clinic offering Permanent Makeup services (Microshading, Microblading, Ombre Brows, etc) you must abide by the official regulation – which you can find here , refer to Subchapter 8 – Permanent Cosmetics (end of page 11).
In summary- the state of NJ requires those seeking licensure in NJ to complete an approved 100 hour training course (which must be taught by an AAM Platinum Trainer (or SPCP Trainer Member). Upon completion of that course – students then enter the “apprenticeship program” phase.
  • The state of NJ requires an apprenticeship of 15 models (5 eyeliner, 5 lip, 5 eyebrows) to be completed in order to move into the next step of seeking the AAM NJ Gold Member board certification.
  • The course requirements & apprenticeship is non-negotiable & clearly stated in the revised code – NJ trainers do not make regulations and cannot offer exceptions.
Question asked often:
“I want to open a studio in NJ, but only want to offer eyebrow services; how can I do that ?”
You still must abide by the NJ regulation; complete the required approved NJ training & apprenticeship program which includes eyeliner & lips – (even if you do not plan on offering it as a service), in addition to passing the AAM NJ Gold Member board certification exam.
If you are a student interested in opening a studio/clinic, or working exclusively in the state of New Jersey, click here to locate a NJ AAM Platinum Trainer.
Our academy offers Advanced Masterclasses for NJ students who are already AAM NJ Gold certified, but would like to improve their skills & techniques – click here to see our Masterclasses.
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