Are You Ready to Shape, Define, and Enhance Your Brows?



Microshading is a machine technique which achieves a soft powdered appearance. With a variety of micro sized needles, we gently layer pigment until the desired saturation/tone is reached. There are various forms of Microshading; of them, the most popular is Ombre Brows. Ombre Brows offers a natural gradient color progression from the bulb, arch & tail.

  • Good for clients who lack brow shape, arch & tail
  • Great for ANY skin type
  • Ideal for oily skin, mature skin, acne prone skin & sensitive skin
  • The best & most times only option for women who have old brow tattooing/Microblading

$ 650


Microblading is a manual technique used to create the appearance of actual brow hairs; it enables us to create thin natural-looking, crisp, “hair like” strokes for brows with sparse/bald spots.
  • Good for clients who have somewhat of a brow shape/form
  • Best for those with normal to dry skin (not best option for combo/oily skin)
  • Mimics your own hair, and growth pattern
  • Ideal for those who seek a very natural & subtle enhancement

$ 650


Combination Brows combines both the Microblading & Microshading techniques, to achieve a natural looking brow with a 3D effect. This technique is best for those who have a brow shape with patchy/bald areas. Hair-strokes are seamlessly placed amongst the clients natural brow hairs, and throughout the body, arch & tail a soft shading is layered to give fullness and definition.
  • Good for clients who lack shape, arch & tail
  • Best for clients who like a well defined brow
  • Great for normal & dry skin types
  • Not ideal for clients with the following skin characteristics: oily, acne prone, sun damaged (this will cause the hairstrokes to not heal nice & crisp)

$ 725

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