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Beginner Course Overview

The Ombre Brow Beginner Course material meets all SPCP & AAM guidelines which are sought to bring nothing but safety, excellence & true artistry.
The 100+ hour course is a comprehensive & immersive training program; fit for novice or experienced professionals who are prepared to learn the theoretical & practical knowledge needed to successfully navigate their business. It consists of in depth theoretical study & hands on model practical.
Students will need to have a strong foundation to not only pass examination, but to also become certified & build a successful practice. The world of Permanent Cosmetics can be lucrative and rewarding, however one must remain patient, hungry for more knowledge & ethical. It our absolute pleasure and responsibility to guide teach, and challenge all students to be the best artist & business owner.

Enrollment Requirements

Prospective student must be 18 years of age, have a high school diploma or GED & must have a basic/general knowledge of eyebrow design. In addition students must check their state/local laws to familiarize themselves with educational requirements, if any.
The first step in the enrollment process will be to read this entire page & the Student FAQ’s before completing this pre-enrollment form.
Students who successfully enroll in the program, will receive a copy of our Course Curriculum & Lesson Plan; detailed in the document is our 12-Point Curriculum subjects with a breakdown of each section & the number of classroom hours reserved for those particular topics.

Course Pre-Req's

Upon completion of a mandatory enrollment screening, prospective students who meet the requirements and are seen as a good fit for the program; will be required to purchase the necessary textbook & manual (to complete the at home study) along with completing the required online Blood Borne Pathogens Training (4 Credit Hours); All of which must be completed prior to the first day of in person class.
Click here to purchase the required text book & manual student bundle, directly from the SPCP. Click here to enroll in the online Blood Borne Pathogens Training – which is specifically designed for the Body Art/Tattooing Professionals.

Student Practical

As part of the training curriculum and to best prepare you for your journey – the only way to do that is with working on real skin. This is non-negotiable and required to successfully complete this course.

You will be required to complete 6 brow models (new brows or touch-ups) under trainer supervision. Three of those models are included in the tuition, with the remaining 3 models counting as part of the student practical program – the cost for each trainer supervised practical session is $400. Click here for more detailed information on the Student Practical Program.

Sneak Peak Into Our Course Topics . . .


One of the most important topics -This portion will cover : OSHA, Technician Safety, Bloodborne Pathogens, Cross Contamination, Sterilization , Medical Waste & much more


The second most important topic -This portion will cover : Traditional vs Cosmetic Color Theory, Cool vs. Warm Tones, How To Color Correct Brows. In addition to Organic vs. Inorganic Pigments, Ink Formulations & much more


This portion of training will cover : The 3 Major Skin Layers & their function, The Fitzpatrick Scale, Skin Undertones, Skin Types, Skin Conditions & much more


This portion of training will cover : Difference in Needles, Needle Anatomy, Proper Needle Use. In addition : The Difference in Devices, Machine Mechanism & Function, Proper Machine Use, Microblading Tools & much more


This portion of training will cover : Facial Morphology Origins, Difference In Face Shapes, Facial Muscles & Proportions, Asymmetry & The Golden Ratio, Brow Mapping, Difficult Client Case Studies & much more


This portion of training will cover : Importance of Record-keeping, HIPAA, Informed Consent, State Specific Laws, The Do’s & Dont’s of the Industry, Protecting Your Brand, Business Owner Behavior, Insurance & Liability, Ethics & much more

Ombre Brow Beginner

7 Day Immersive Brow Course Covering Theory & Practical
$ 3,800
  • Introduction to Permanent Cosmetics
  • Safe Practices for the PMU Artist
  • Introduction to PMU Brow Techniques
  • Machine & Manual Device Theory
  • Introduction to Needle Theory
  • Intro to Color Theory & Ink Theory
  • Anatomy of Skin & Identifying Undertones
  • Pigment Selection, The Healing & Long Term Care
  • Intro to Facial Morphology & Asymmetry
  • Brow Mapping
  • Anesthesia 101
  • Business 101
  • Hands On Student Models
  • Certificate of Completion - 100 Hours
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