Are You Ready to Shape, Define, and Enhance Your Brows?

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After students complete the theory portion of the Ombre Brow Beginner course, it is now time to put the knowledge & skills to work. It is a proven fact that the best learning comes from working on REAL skin. Successful students have “real time” skin experience; it is because of this, we’ve integrated 6 models into the curriculum. No worries your trainer will be right next to you – start to finish.
Students are required to complete the 6 trainer supervised brow procedures (New or Touchups); in order to successfully graduate from the program & receive a Certificate of Completion.
Three of the required six models are included in the tuition cost, and the remaining three models are part of the supervised clinical program. The cost of each remaining model completed in the program is $400, with payments made the day of the procedures. Students are encouraged to market themselves after their first three models, and offer a reduced model rate in order to recoup the cost for the remaining three.
Students are best and responsible for sourcing brow models- with friends or family.
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