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Ombre Brow Training


Masterclass Overview

Masterclasses - These intensive classes are designed for experienced artist who are looking to advance their needle knowledge & technique skill set. In each class, we will be exploring the MAGNUM needle, how to they're made, how to properly use them & when to use them. By the end of either Masterclass, artist will have learned how to create the PERFECT blended airbrushed brow with advanced needle groupings.


Masterclasses fulfill continuing education credit hours needed to maintain certification with the SPCP & AAM. Check below for specific topics covered in each Masterclass.

Enrollment Requirements

Prospective student must be 18 years of age, have a high school diploma/GED & must be AAM or SPCP certified, or must have industry experience *


*If utilizing "field experience" student must demonstrate proof of at least 1.5 years of experience, in addition to a valid BBP training certificate.

Masterclass Pre-Req's

There are no formal class prerequisites. Prospective students will be asked to complete this short pre-enrollment form in addition to providing proof of AAM/ SPCP certification, or proof of field experience.

Live Model Demo By Instructor

Students will be able to watch a live demo performed by the trainer. This is where students are able to absorb, pay close attention & take notes. In wrapping up the final day of class - there will be a quiz, open Q&A, followed by certificate presentations.


Once completed students may seek an additional shadowing session, or a 1:1 trainer supervision session. Details require further discussion, and will be detailed in writing.

Ombre Brow Masterclass
Ombre Brow Masterclass