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2 Day Magnum Ombre Brow Masterclass

Class Deposit :


Duration :

2 Days

Course Summary

Required: Prior to enrolling in this course, fully read the Masterclass Overview, read these important Student FAQ’s, and complete this Advanced Masterclass Pre-Enrollment Form.

This intensive course is designed for trained/certified artist who are looking to advance their needle & technique skill set. We will be exploring the MAGNUM needle, how to they’re made, how to properly use them, when to use them. You will learn how to create the PERFECT blended airbrushed brow for your next client. In the course we cover:

Intro to Soft Ombre Brows, Analysis of Magnum Needles, In Depth Study of Skin Anatomy, Review Machines & Optimal Speed, Proper Ink Selection & Healing, Hands On Needle Practice, Brow Mapping, Review of OSHA Standards, Brow Aftercare, Touchups & Business Practices, Overview of Ethics & Entrepreneurship

Live Model Demo By Instructor

The 2 day course tuition is $1800. In order to secure your seat in this Masterclass a $500 Non-Refundable, Non-Transferable deposit is required, and the remaining balance of $1300, is due the first day of class. Payments may be made in full prior, if students prefer.

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