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Microshading has emerged as the all-time best and favorite technique in the realm of eyebrow enhancing, offering clients with a way to attain soft, natural-looking brows with a hint of definition. Microshading involves implanting pigment into the skin’s upper dermal layer with tools similar to what traditional body tattoo artist utilize, a tattoo pen and cartridge needles. The technique results in tiny dot like pixels, which mimic a soft shadow – giving clients the best long-lasting definition. It is ideal for clients:

  • With ANY skin type; dry, oily, combination
  • With or without brow shape/form
  • Who have sparse, over plucked, or undefined brows
  • With oily, mature, acne prone & sensitive skin
  • Who have a prior Brow Tattoo or Microblading

Benefits of Microshading

Imagine waking up every morning with defined brows, no more needing to spend precious morning minutes in front of the mirror trying to symmetrically draw on your brows.  With Microshading, you can achieve soft yet defined natural-looking, eyebrows that enhance your natural brows and boost your confidence. The benefits of Microshading are endless:

  1. Soft & Natural Definition: Say goodbye to stencils, pencils, powders, and pomades. Microshading creates a soft, shaded effect that emulates the appearance of filled-in brows. The result is definition that enhances or creates the brows you may be missing.

  2. Customizable Look: Microshading allows for color customization and saturation. Your artist will guide and select the pigment that closely matches your natural brow hair, and your skins undertone. Your head hair (especially if it’s dyed) does not play much of defining factor. You and your artist can choose the level of shading that suits your needs, preferences & complements your facial features.

  3. Suitable for All Skin Types: Unlike some techniques that may not work well with certain skin types, Microshading is versatile, less invasive, and does well just about all skin tones and textures.

  4. Time- Saving: Time is of the essence, and Microshading gives you more. No more rushed mornings trying to achieve symmetrical brows. You’ll have extra minutes in your morning routine. Wake up to perfectly defined brows every day, without the need for daily brow products. Microshading saves you time while ensuring your brows always look polished and complete.

  5. Gentle Procedure: The Microshading process is minimally invasive and generally more comfortable and tolerable than Microblading.

  6. Confidence Boost: Microshading enhances what you currently have or gives you what you’re missing. Whether you’re going to the gym or attending a special event, your brows will be on point.

  7. Long-Term Benefits: Count on longer lasting results, Microshading allows brows maintain their beautiful appearance anywhere from 1-3 years, with proper care and occasional touch-ups.

    • Minimal Upkeep: Unlike daily brow makeup that requires constant reapplication, Microshading remains flawless and defined. You must continue your regular brow grooming (waxing, tweezing, threading, trimming) to ensure the definition is not overshadowed by brow hair growth.

    • Ombre Browsa variation of Microshading is a great option for clients who wish to have a natural multi-tone gradient effect from the front to arch & tail

Disadvantages of Microshading

While clients enjoy the many benefits and natural-looking results, it’s essential to weigh these potential drawbacks. Choosing a skilled and experienced artist, following proper aftercare instructions, are all important steps to ensuring a great and positive experience. Understanding the potential disadvantages of Microshading is crucial for making an informed decision:

  1. Potential Longevity: In the majority of cases, Microshading does fade/soften overtime, with the level of fading varying amongst each client. The type of special ink used, calls for a “fade factor” which allows fading to happen. On the flip side, remember; Microshading is still considered a tattoo and there is a slight possibility of very little to no fading – although not common.

  2. Color Fading: Over time, the pigments used in Microshading may fade or shift in color/tone, due to many factors – such as sun exposure, skin type, the quality of pigments, client health and medications. This can result in an appearance that deviates from the original shade. In this day in age, this means the color may appear ashy or grey instead of its original “brownish” tone – in most cases this is an easy fix for an experienced artist. Brow toning is normal and should be expected, especially if it’s been 2+ years since the last session.

  3. Initial Dark Appearance:Right after the procedure, the brows may appear darker than desired due to the fresh application of pigment. This color will soften as the skin heals, but it can be a temporary concern for some individuals.

  4. May Need to Pencil: Depending on how well Microshading is executed and with all necessary touch-ups completed, in addition to the client’s preference, there still may be a need or want to pencil in the brows. Remember, Microshading consists implanting pigment into the skin, so it can never compare to traditional makeup. Traditional makeup will always appear more pronounced because it is product on top of the skin versus ink under the skin.

    • For clients who want a darker, more defined or pronounced “makeup look”, filing in with pencil and “cutting the brows with concealer” will be necessary for a bolder look. Microshading provides the shape and serves as a great base to enhance as desired


Check out these frequently asked questions (FAQ) section; I’ve compiled answers to the most common questions. Whether you're still considering getting your brows done or simply want to learn more about this technique, we've got you covered.

Microshading involves implanting pigment into the skin’s upper dermal layer; resulting in natural-looking tiny dot like pixels, which mimic a soft shadow – giving clients the best long-lasting definition.

Microshading may last anywhere between 1-3 years, this depends on many factors. Color longevity varies amongst each individual, and healed results vary. Touch-up sessions are recommended to maintain the desired look.

Most individuals experience minimal discomfort during the procedure. Topical numbing creams are applied to the area before and during to minimize any potential discomfort.

Microshading appointments last 2 – 2.5 hours, including the completion of paperwork, pre-numbing, brow design, and completion of the procedure.

When performed by a skilled and trained professional, Microshading is safe. It’s important to choose a licensed technician who follows strict hygiene standards to minimize the risk of infection or possible adverse reactions.

Immediately after, the brows will look amazing, the skin may have a little redness or slight swelling; this is normal and fades away with a day or so.  The next few days the brows will darken dramatically in appearance. They will then begin to flake as they heal, and over a period of a few weeks, the color will go thru many changes until finally settling at about 4 -6 weeks. It’s important to follow the aftercare instructions provided to ensure optimal healing.

Microshading healing instructions


Microshading is suitable for all skin types and tones. You must qualify as a candidate It’s not recommended for pregnant or breastfeeding women, those with certain medical conditions, or those prone to keloid scarring. A thorough consultation will help determine if you’re a suitable candidate. Click here to view a list of conditions which may affect booking eligibility.

Choosing the right artist is crucial. Make sure to look for a technician with proper training, certification, and a portfolio showcasing their work. Read reviews and testimonials to gauge the experiences of former clients. Click here to view my credentials.

Any type of cosmetic tattooing can be challenging to remove completely and is never guaranteed. Techniques such as laser or saline removal may be used, but they might not always yield complete removal. Please seek trained professionals only.

It is important to follow your artists’ “Pre-Care Instructions”. For the most part all technicians follow the basics of avoiding caffeine, alcohol, blood thinning medications, and certain supplements that increase bleeding. It’s also a good idea to come in with clean skin, without any makeup on the brow area. Click here for our client “Pre-Care” instructions.

Proper aftercare is essential for optimal results. It is important to follow your artists’ “Post Care Instructions.” Click here for our client “Post-Care” instructions.

While Microshading significantly reduces the need for daily brow makeup, some individuals might still opt to use products for additional definition, or to darken the color as desired.

The cost of Microshading varies based on location, the expertise of the artist, and other factors. It’s important to remember that while the upfront cost might be higher, it can save money on brow products and maintenance over time. Click here for our pricing.

After the initial 10-week touchup, maintenance touch-up sessions are recommended every 1.5- 2 years. During these sessions, the technician will refresh the color and make any necessary adjustments.

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